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Concertina book making at a Farm

I had a great day last Friday with a lovely group of women delivering a concertina book making workshop at a farm in Corsham. It was a cold misty November morning, but we were cosy working away in a perfect out house with a wood burner. Thank you to Susie (who organised the day at her farm) for being a great host and providing us with refreshments and a delicious lunch.


Japanese Culture Workshop

Japanese symbolism in design with fan making

It was great last week having the opportunity to work with a small group of children on Japanese culture again, this time at the lovely Pound Arts Centre in Corsham. We covered a lot of ground including facts about Japan, some basic language and greetings, looking at artifacts and their uses, trying on traditional clothes, learning about symbolism in design and making fans inspired by the symbolism. The girls learnt about fans and how they are used in dancing, they were eager to have a go at a fan dance themselves and asked if they could perform in front of the mums and dads and people in the cafe, which is exactly what they did, they loved every minute of it!

They workshop was a great success, we could have carried on all day!

If you are interested in Japanese culture and want to find out more about the types of activities I can offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch on or 07889119907 or look at the education and community page under Japan here.