Me in my studio © Gemma Dewson

Based in Bath, I am an experienced creative practitioner and participatory artist providing a range of creative hen party activities and workshops in educational and community based settings. 

Underpinning my professional experience are a BA in Decorative Arts and an MA in Textiles, Fashion and Surface Design. Consequently I am able to draw on a wealth of experience with techniques in the fields of textiles, fashion, product design, and applied arts and crafts.

The biggest personal challenge and test of creativity to date was living in Japan for three and a half years. During this time I successfully negotiated, produced and marketed five exhibitions. Having arrived in Japan with no equipment, materials, creative space, contacts or language skills, I relied on determination and motivation, along with adaptability, resourcefulness and the ability to network in order to achieve this. For more information on these exhibitions visit my exhibitions page here.

Since returning from Japan, I have been working with schools and communities facilitating exciting and interactive sessions on a variety of aspects of Japanese arts and crafts, traditions and culture, as well as other arts and craft areas depending on the brief. For more information on some of these projects visit my case studies page here.

As a practicing artists I have been producing my own work for many years, some of which can be seen in the portfolio section here

If you have any questions about what I do, workshops I can run or ideas you may have about how we could collaborate, please do get in touch on 07889119907 or through paula@paulatew.co.uk