Screen Printing Summer Schools 

Immerse yourself in the world of screen printing for for 3 days this Summer. Learn how to transfer permanent images and patterns onto fabrics and create designs for use as art or for a variety of craft projects, such as cushions, bags, patchwork, applique, embroidery.

With guidance, you will work on your own projects at your own pace, You could experiment with pre-made screens, as well as create your own designs via screen printing with stencils and Thermofax screens. You will get one Thermofax screen as part of the price and are welcome to purchase more if you so choose. Learn about colour separation & building up multicoloured designs. There will also be a chance to work with foiling if you choose.


No dates currently available for this course

£195 including equipment, some materials and a Thermofax screen with your own design.

Feedback from last year’s participants:

“I attended Paula’s screen printing workshop from the 12-24 August 2013. She is very professional, and yet so down to earth that it makes it remarkably easy to relax and explore screen printing from a novice point of view. She was attentive to our individual needs (there were 8 of us). Once she’d shown us the basics of screen printing, we were able to work on our own projects according to our own agenda. Paula gave us a lot of good tips, ideas and advice, and showed us how easy it is to carry out screen printing by ourselves-once the right tools are available. I really enjoyed my three days of screen printing-and I would recommend this course to beginners or anyone who has the inclination to revisit screen printing. Thanks for showing us how much fun screen printing can be!” Pei Pei Lim

“I attended this workshop without much of an idea as to what to expect. What I wanted was to be immersed in an environment of creativity, inspiration and hopefully learn the art of printing on fabric. This is exactly the experience I had; three whole days of creative bliss. The workshop was well resourced and I don’t think we wanted for anything. Paula refreshed our school day memories of stencil screen printing but also introduced us to the thermofax. I hadn’t heard of this method of printing until I carried out a little investigative research on YouTube once I’d booked on the course. Paula was there for guidance, help and ideas if required thus facilitating our creativity. These two methods of printing have certainly broadened my printing horizons. I’m delighted with how inspired I feel and with the results of my novice efforts Thanks Paula!” Tess Hughes

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