Design & Make Paper Jewellery book


It was a pleasure to work with Sarah Kelly from Saloukee  ( on her first book: Design & Make Paper Jewellery book. I have written chapter 3 ‘repurpose, collate, combine’ which uses book binding as the basis for attaching papers together; the book hopes to inspire jewellers to use non traditional techniques and materials in their creations.

“Design and Make Paper Jewellery offers a series of masterclasses by experts who work with paper, and features examples of work from a breathtaking array of international makers. Techniques covered include encasing, crocheting, moulding, sculpting, cutting and binding, with paper types ranging from origami papers, to found papers, to paper yarn. Whether you want to make a personal piece to preserve a paper treasure, or create high fashion jewellery for exhibition on the catwalk, this book offers inspiration, tips and techniques for everyone interested in working with this sensitive, ephemeral material”.

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The photo shoot for my chapter was done in my studio with Sarah Kelly and photographer Gemma Dewson who was the main photographer for the book. Photos are ©Gemma Dewson