Ledbury Primary School (years 3-5)

Kids in Charge project

In collaboration with three creative practitioners; myself, Caroline Everett (silk painting) and David Booth (upcycling) http://www.symbiotics.co.uk/, the pupils set out to design and create a range of saleable products over a four day period, items to be sold on a craft stall at the Ledbury Poetry Festival http://www.poetry-festival.com/index.html Proceeds would go to their chosen charity.

With me the girls used the traditional Japanese techniques of marbling and stab book binding, the group created a range of products including Japanese stab bound note books, compact mirrors, greeting cards and book marks.

The students effectively managed the project from beginning to end. This provided them with valuable experience of researching, project planning, interviewing and delivery in a ‘live’ environment, with real products and equally real deadlines!

As well as encouraging participants to think creatively in designing and making a saleable product, the exercise also developed transferable skills such as communication, team working, and problem solving.  The opportunity to contribute to group ideas in a creative environment served as a valuable tool in building the self esteem and confidence of students.

The project was a resounding success – not only have the seeds been sown for a new generation of creative entrepreneurs, but residents at Ledbury’s Home for the Elderly are now £320 closer to their new minibus!