It’s always a real pleasure working with children and it never fails to impress how creative they can be. Last Saturday I have a lovely afternoon working with children ranging from year 4 – 7. They loved making the and designing their books as well as coming up with stories and content ideas, so much so that they all wanted to work through their break!

Have a look at some of their wonderful creations…..

Here some feedback from the participants:

“I really enjoyed thus workshop.I liked just letting my imagination turn into a book”

“I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop – it was really fun and everyone got the chance to do something different. I recommend it to everyone who likes to be creative and using lots of materials!

“It’s amazing how much creativity goes into making one book”

“I think it’s really creative and gets you involved. I love the idea of the pockets in the notebooks, it makes them so much more interesting”

“I enjoyed this workshop a lot!”

I really enjoyed it. It was really fun and I really like my book. Brilliant”